What is an Octavo?

The OCTAVO is a traditional book format that refers to the size for pages used in the printing of early books in which a large sheet of paper or parchment is folded three times to produce eight leaves. Today octavo format books include many rare, valuable, and beautiful objects.

The antiquarian octavo format of books includes many rare, valuable, and beautiful objects. For local residents and those visiting the Cuyahoga County area in October, Octavofest means a chance to celebrate our love of books, and the book and paper arts in many glorious forms through diverse programs and events. The various events are devoted to advancing the appreciation of book and paper arts and they are organized by a collaborative group that includes librarians, book artists, binders, conservators, calligraphers, printers, and papermakers.

We hope that these events will continue to draw new collaborators and audiences. Octovofest promotes the area’s strengths, both in the book and paper arts and in the successful co-creation of community among institutions, organizations, artists, and entrepreneurs.

Diagram of an octavo